10K hands at NL10, SH, BSS, Fulltiltpoker

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    • MrPaulsen
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      bump :)
    • FaulV16ke
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      one hand is missing...
      your winrate is 7.5BB/100 now, if you played one more hand and lost a buyin with Aces preflop, your winrate would be just 6.5BB...as you can see 10K is relatively a small sample of hands and it won't neccesarily show you if your profit/loss was caused by luck/bad luck...after 100K hands one lost buyin would affect your winrate just by 0.1BB/100hands... however your stats are pretty solid so I'd say you'll be ok after another 90K hands :)
      winrate +5BB/100hands after 50K hands would be very solid on NL10, but imho +2,5BB/100 is ok on micros