The end of a bad swing!!!!

    • booger6o4
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      I was going down down down, refilling my account multiples times...
      I couldnt find any holes in my play at all. I went up limits and down limits.
      I lost my entire bankroll bad beat after bad beat.

      I even tried playing live (Where I am usually successful) and I still get bad beat...
      Could not understand... I almost completely gave up hope on poker..

      Today I decided to put $25 for a last attempt.

      Feeling like shit... dropped to 13... playing $1 sit and goes some $2 tournaments...

      I went for a smoke break very very very angry.

      And realized I should just switch my play and not think at all.
      played shortstack rush and I ended up with $50

      I know that is not a lot of money because Iam down around $1000 from this swing. But knowing I brought my bankroll from $13 to $50 using BRM. Has refilled my confidence
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