after moving my bankroll

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      Well, I just moved my BR away from cake and to everest, about 200$. but I left 8$ on the account in order to play some games from time to time, cause I like the platform and the general player level. well, I'm still waiting for my money to be paid out, so I played some more games:

      2$ turbo: 1st place, 10,38$
      1$ 30-man MTT: not ITM
      2$ turbo: 1st place, 10,38$
      1$turbo: 1st place, 5,4$

      I slowly start regretting that I moved my money:D
      before I already moved to party poker for perhaps 2 weeks, and I left about 10$. I only played 2$DONs and was back on 20$ in no time^^ which is one of the reasonst I moved back to cake(the other is the ridiculous rake at PP)

      btw here's how I won the second 2$ turbo:

      Hand#x - $2 NL Hold'em Turbo T9188909 -- Table 1 -- 25/125/250 NL Hold'em -- 2010.11.02 - 19:19:21
      Seat 3: HERO (10.094 in chips) BB
      Seat 7: alfa***7 (3.536 in chips) DEALER
      Seat 8: YESo***8 (1.370 in chips)SB

      Dealt to HERO[9 :club: ,T :diamond:]
      alfa***7: calls 250
      YESo***8: calls 125
      HERO: checks
      *** FLOP *** [8 :heart: ,7 :spade: ,6 :spade:]
      YESo***8: checks
      HERO: bets 825
      alfa***7: is all in 3.261
      YESo***8: is all in 1.095

      HERO: calls 2.436
      HERO: shows [9c Td]
      alfa***7: shows [Q :club: Q :diamond:]
      YESo***8: shows [9 :heart: 7 :heart:]
      *** TURN *** [3 :heart:]
      *** RIVER *** [5 :club:]
      ***SHOW DOWN***
      HERO: wins 4.332 with Straight Ten high

      more of these hands, please^^
      edit: i've just seen, I crossed the 2000 games-line, so I also want to post a graph:

      the image shows my winnings, it starts at 50$(which is the starting capital) and quite quickly moves down to 0. interestingly the peak after which it starts degressing is the point where my BR protection was enabled and I couldn't play the turbos anymore. i never got a feeling for the "normal" games^^ then, just before I hit the zero line I reloaded(not shown, because my winnings are still 0 after reloading 50$), played 2$DONS and 1$turbos exclusively, and moved up faster than it could be explained by my playing style:D at about 1300 I moved to party poker. bad decision^^ high rake, not used to such a bad play(never try to bluff:D ), and yeah, I more or less broke even till about game #1800, where I moved back to cake. the tough downer is related to the fact that I played 5$DONS almost exclusively(still I'm making positive ROI if looking only at the 5$DONs, played quite a few of them before, too). well, at the end we come to my three biggest winnings so far in 2$ and 3$ MTTs, with the biggest being 55,52$:-) and here my graph ends, I wonder what it will look like after playing at everest. heard its quite profitable out there^^
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