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      Hi All,

      My friend having issues with 888poker.

      What happened was I have recieved free $8 from 888 and decide to send(my winnings around $50) this to my frd (since i play at fulltilt). Now 888 is request my frd to send some documents, which is fine HOWEVER what i do not understand is WHY are they requesting photo of your Credit card? to prove your over 18???

      He has asked
      1, What are the restriction
      2, he can send photo ID and billing however NOT Credit Card.
      3. if he can send them once he decided to deposit/withdraw

      however it looked like they just copy and past from their procedure and do not know how to answer properly. so email are just going forward and backwards.

      any one else had this problem?

      And what did you do to resolve this?

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