Finding The Game That Suites You?

    • JonnyJr555
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      Let's start with a question?

      How do poker players around the world decide their speciality in particular games. Say "Patrick Antonious" the cash game specialist!
      Thomas Boekff aka "Boku87", you will always see this guy playing 45 Tables simultaniously! How dude? :s_confused:

      I aint Thomus but how do a rookie with bronze level status decide his game to work on. Till Date i always jumped from one game to other game, one limit to other limit(within BRM), one type to other type, so now i am confused ?( and unable to understand actually which strategy suites me well?

      Should i try SSS Or BSS Or MTT Or should i go with 1-table SNG's Or FL

      Help Guys?
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    • TeflonDon88
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      my advice is to go with the one you enjoy the most/make most money out of.
    • pogodon
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      ye im a bit like this some times i play plo8 plo and stud at the same time but if i had to pick just one i dunno probaly NLH for me would be the best to make the dollars but i like to have entertainment with plo, multi tabling NLH is boring we all know it
    • MatejM47
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      Well STT are good for building up a BR but the problem is even when you reach midstakes its hard to make a ton of money out of them since the edge is way smaller compared to cash games. MTTs are probably my favorite type of game, but the problem is your stuck infront of a comp for 12 hours with out a break every day isn't my idea of fun so i usually play them on sundays only.

      PLO is worth studying for sure but the swings are brutal so you really need a mindset for it.
    • JonnyJr555
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      Lets see then , i think i need to analyse the games by myself .

      Maybe some graphs will serve the purpose, now on i shall stick to one strategy throught a week and do some statistics of say 1000 hands...

      I will post some results soon...... :]

      Thanks guys
    • sufix645
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      well.. play what you like the most ;)
      for me it wasnt so easy too. at start I was playing cash games, rly like them but I got bored and lost money there. then was 45-man SnG's at start I was running pritty good and I was doing fine till I full tilt poker started to hate me and didnt gave me a break of bad beats (I think I didnt tilt at all, but I guess Im wrong. I cant see how can loose about 130BI w/o tilt.) so I started to play bigger tournaments which was nice - every week at least one final table. made some money. was so confident to move up. but then again got one pritty dry period (-350$ in one month at 1-3$ tourneys) and did much of studying and everything but just didnt gone at the right way (every fkin time when I was in the money I got card dead period or bluffed chips away or bad beat ofc and went out when I was up like only 2-7BI, that didnt recovered rest tourneys). So now I am trying FL SH and its going pritty well now. doubled my BR in 2 days, even moved the limit up and everything is looking pritty nice. I hope Im here for a while.
      for every period I spent like 2-3 month.. Dont do that. Just pick one and stick with it...