[NL2-NL10] double pair NL10 SH

    • Floating
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      lou7 is at seat 0 with $9.04.
      Damon_41 is at seat 1 with $3.90.
      walbec is at seat 2 with $7.40.
      accro83 is at seat 3 with $10.27.
      Floatin is at seat 4 with $9.70.

      The dealer is seat 3.

      Floatin posts a blind of $.05.
      lou7 posts a blind of $.10.
      Damon_41 posts a blind of $.10.

      (Floatin is dealt 6 A )

      Damon_41 checks.
      walbec calls for $.10.
      accro83 calls for $.10.
      Floatin calls for $.05.
      lou7 checks.

      The flop comes
      A 4 5

      Floatin bets $.50.
      lou7 calls for $.50.
      Damon_41 folds.
      walbec folds.
      accro83 folds.

      The turn comes 6

      Floatin bets $1.50.
      lou7 calls for $1.50.

      The river comes J

      Floatin goes all-in for $7.60.
      lou7 goes all-in for $6.94.
      $.66 is pushed back to Floatin.
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    • Floating
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      oops, the card signs are not pasted here....

      does not really matter for this hand however so i will not give it another try
    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Floating!

      I think flop and turn are played correctly. But on the river I would have played check/call to let him bet/bluff with worse hands.

      Good luck at the tables!
    • aciddrop
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      A6 preflop even for half a blind is not a good call usually.
    • Floating
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      veeery loose table, veeeery loose player

      same table a bit later had QQQQ on the board at the river, i was holding Ax and did a small raise, thinking you never know someone holding K and wanting to make a call.

      villain going all in.... veeeeery easy call for me.... villain showing 88

      but you are right i guess:

      however i had some initial successes playing A low kicker on very loose NL10 tables (often winning small pots calling down and folding to raises, or to sustain a bluff with A or low rags on the board, often winning the pot straight away or calling down to river, again folding to a raise)

      probably better to avoid this at higher limits or against tight players i guess

      hope i can stick to this when my BR allows me to move up ;)