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wrong placement/winnings

    • Jasna
      Joined: 11.02.2008 Posts: 5
      I was going through my last SNG session (full tilt) and noticed that Elephant didnt register my winnings when i finished 2nd in a 9player SNG?
      There is simply a 0 (zero) in the "placement field". I manually imported the hands from the session (not auto import), could this be causing the problem?

      Full Tilt Poker Game #25260558157: $2 + $0.25 Sit & Go (195749766), Table 1 - 200/400 - No Limit Hold'em - 10:29:56 ET - 2010/11/04
      Seat 2: bueno ta bien (9,340)
      Seat 9: Bajsika (4,160)
      Bajsika posts the small blind of 200
      bueno ta bien posts the big blind of 400
      The button is in seat #9
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to Bajsika [6c 6s]
      Bajsika raises to 4,160, and is all in
      bueno ta bien calls 3,760
      Bajsika shows [6c 6s]
      bueno ta bien shows [Td Ts]
      *** FLOP *** [Qc 4h 7c]
      *** TURN *** [Qc 4h 7c] [3c]
      *** RIVER *** [Qc 4h 7c 3c] [8h]
      Bajsika shows a pair of Sixes
      bueno ta bien shows a pair of Tens
      bueno ta bien wins the pot (8,320) with a pair of Tens
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot 8,320 | Rake 0
      Board: [Qc 4h 7c 3c 8h]
      Seat 2: bueno ta bien (big blind) showed [Td Ts] and won (8,320) with a pair of Tens
      Seat 9: Bajsika (small blind) showed [6c 6s] and lost with a pair of Sixes
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    • Larres
      Joined: 07.09.2009 Posts: 2,402
      Hello Jasna,

      in order to import and calculate tournament results you need, besides the original hand history, the tournament summary which will be stored in the same history folder.
      Can you confirm that the appropriate file is available in your history folder?

    • Jasna
      Joined: 11.02.2008 Posts: 5
      So thats it. Every tournament where my placement is incorrect (the "zero") doesnt have the tournament summary - it is somehow missing.
      I did not in any way manually change/delete anything from the history folder.