$50 Starting Deposit!

    • philswindon
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      Hey all,

      Would appreciate some advice on how long it should take to receive the $50 starting money.

      I passed the test early yesterday afternoon and successfully opened a William Hill account straight after. I have received an email from PS to say that they have received the info and the money should arrive within a few hours depending on how many they are processing and subject to me sending any needed documentation in.

      I haven't received any further emails asking for any confirmation documentation, but still haven't received any funds on my account, not desperate for it but wondered if any other users had any info on how long it is likely to take!

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    • Hadi
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      Hey phil,

      the documents you're talking about is our ID check - that's necessary to make sure nobody tries to scam his way to more than one starting capital :)

      Are you sure the email didn't end up in your spam folder? If so and if you don't hear from us until tomorrow morning, please send in a ticket to my colleagues from customer support - they'll be more than happy to assist you.