Why arent I sponsered yet ?

    • RGOD2
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      Not to pat myself too heavily on the back but If no one is willing to see my potential I guess i will have to keep on Strategizing , No praise like self praise,
      Its been a three week rollercoaster, Of yo-yoing with that Start up teaser from 888, Your average Joe would have blown it within 2 days I managed to prolong it for three weeks and work my way through their rankings fairly rapidly . The highest I had the bankroll up to was 438 dollars, " Maybe I should have cashed out then".
      Spoken like a true gambler
      Some of the layouts and tournaments where appealing and there was a "Strange " Caliber or should I say " Range " of players.
      Trying to put some of them on a range was a feat in itself .
      So with the capital re invested into the site I reckon I accumulated over 2000 $.
      Its giving me a better understanding of how to effectively try to control my BMR but obviously I still have alot of work ahead of me , Especially if the inevitable outcome is that i will eventually go broke, At least I can say I have seen some of the sickest bad beats, taking and giving by me , and yes of course I am going to claim I got more than I dished out that s just human Nature.
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    • arisko
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      everyone always responds the same to these things... WITHDRAW MONEY, spend it on something fun, leave enough for a comfortable BR on the lowest stake you haven't beat yet, study, try to beat it, and don't think about the won money as something u coulda used to enter a 2000$ tournament with to ship the whole thing

      Glad to hear you won so much though, really, but dont let it get to your head
    • PokerGrrl666
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      did you make 2000$ in 3 weeks? can u teach me how to do that?
    • Hadi
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      Hi mate and welcome :)
      I second arisko - don't risk your BR by cashing out, but treat yourself to something nice every once in a while. After all: You worked hard to earn it!