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Advice on Beating a Very Specific (and Unusual) Tourney...

    • CreamyGoodness
      Joined: 18.10.2010 Posts: 229
      Hi all!

      Looking for some advice on beating a strange live tourney in my local card club.

      This card club holds a large MTT on the last friday of every month. The buyin is €250 +€25. The club gaurantees €10,000, although there is often around 80 players making a pot of up to €20,000.

      The tourney im trying to beat is the "freeroll" satellite into this game, held every thursday night. But its a very unusual one. Here is the structure:

      First T1000 chips are free, with unlimited rebuys for the first hour only. Rebuys are €10 for another T1000. The casino takes no rake.

      Blinds begin at 25/50 for the first half hour, then 50/100 for the 2nd half. After this they increase every 15 mins.

      After the first hour there are no more rebuys, but you can add on T3000 for €20 during the break.

      The club garauntees 2 tickets, although there is usually 60-70 players, and often 6-12 prizes.

      I first played this tourney about 18 months ago. I had only been playing for about 3 months. I finished in the top 15 and won a ticket, and played the "main event" the next nite. I finished at the bubble, 13th of 88 players, just missing bottom prize.

      My strategy will be very TAG in the first hour, but the other players arent as loose as you would think. Im basically playing the waiting game, shipping ASAP with AA-TT, AK+AQ. I will play smaller pairs slower preflop, but will stop and go where I can. In position Ill shove 22-99 pairs if I deem a flop as "safe".

      The satallite is obviously fishy, but there are a few decent players in the mix. The "main event" is also suprisingly fishy for such an expensive game, and I kicked quite a bit of ass (probably just the doofuses from the freeroll), despite being so green I didnt even know what a set was!

      Last nite I played for the first time since (Ive been living abroad), but no luck. I was very card dead (best hands in over 3 hours of play were AJo, A9s, 66, KQs) but felt I was one of the better players.

      So comment and criticize away on the strategy side of the game. Any suggestions, ideas or sarcastic digs are very welcome.

      TIA Sharks.
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    • dubadal
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 263

      gl with getting through the freeroll :) . We have a similar kind of tournament + freeroll on a weekly base where I live and there is really just one advise I can give - unless you plan re-buying and adding-on in the freeroll (which is kindof silly most of the time, imho) you should treat this as any online super-turbo tournament. E.g. push as soon as you get any half decent hand and mid-late position.
      You will get to play 10-15 hands per hour, so pushing in position with strong building hands is the way to go. Ideally you want to pick up some reads, but without those you should still do fine.

      Reason is simple - with so many people and so few prizes you are most certainly doomed by playing tight, unless you get lucky 2-3 hours into the tourney with 5BB stack and double up a couple of times. Also, since this is a freeroll, your bankroll is not suffering from borderline pushing in the first half of tournament.

      Assuming that you are going to be overall 1-3 dog with your pushes, you should be out from 2 tourneys wthin an hour, and then hit it nicely once every 3 times.

      Regarding main tourney - really not much to say, except follow BR and make some sort of plan in your head. If you start with t3k and blinds at 10-20 with 30 min levels, you should probably start out tight and losen up towards 3rd hour. It really depends on the blind structure. If there is a mix of fishy-pro players, then you will get 2-4 players into most flops, which makes pre-flop loose play with funny hands very risky. Still worth to mix it up, not to make your image too tight though.

      And again - try to find patterns in peoples plays. You will have a load of times for it, if you play tight.

      P.S. and then there is a BR thingy - make sure that playing a 250 eur live tourney is not an issue for your BR. Playing with scared money in live tourneys could become a real problem, since you will think more about winning-losing instead of what your opponent has.
    • CreamyGoodness
      Joined: 18.10.2010 Posts: 229
      Thanks dubudal.

      So you dont recommend rebuying? Im pretty sure its pointless too, as I dont think ill get long term value with rebuying. How about adding on?

      As for the large tourney, BR isnt an issue. The rebuy tourney is the satallite into the €250 game, so all i pay is the €25 registration.

      We start with T15000, and 25 min blinds starting @ 25/50. There are no antes throughout the tourney, so i think a slightly tighter approach is optimal, but ive been wrong before!
    • Tiltberger
      Joined: 23.06.2005 Posts: 28,281
      take the addon... you get 3k chips für 10€ instead of 1k chips for a rebuy.
      then its just a standard rebuy tournament. adapt your playing style to the table. Try to make the right pushes with an m<10 and try to find good resteal spots.
    • pogodon
      Joined: 23.07.2010 Posts: 1,213
      i recently won a tourney nearly the same as this except rebuys are unlimited for 3 hours so maybe the strategy is a lillte more farfetched, i basicaly went all in with a wide range of cards only against the peope who are playing to socialise rather then win there usualy the ones drinking, talking etc and either stacked or rebuyed although i did rebuy i around 8 times i won 2,200 euro witch to me is alot but i only got to keep 1,700 becuase i got staked but i was still very happy its alot of money for me especialy in these recession times :s_cool:
    • dubadal
      Joined: 05.09.2008 Posts: 263
      actually seeberg made a good point about addon - it's really worth it, even you are at-around your beginning stack of t1000. you might want to have a look at what was the re-buy action before addons to get an idea of prize pool. E.g. if it looks like there are around 10 prize places giving 250$ package and 50ish players left, then putting in 20$ and getting an average stack is really worth it.

      if the tourney organizers run some sort of tournament management software, then it should be clear how many rebuys-addons there have been made around the middle of the break. Just make sure that you can actually wait until that info is available and then make the add-on and do not have to do it immediately, when the break starts.

      btw, this brings up another entry strategy: if there are always seats available during first hour, buy in in the end of the re-buy period to avoid the all-in party altogether and just add-on immediately.

      Yesterday I tried a similar strategy in a 10$ rebuy + addon tourney. Basically bought in, lost a round of blinds, pushed with 33 on last hand before rebuys :f_cool: . Everyone folded, so I was back to t1000, took 1 rebuy and 1 addon, got stack to t4.000 and became average in 19 remaining players. Took me about 2 hours to increase stack to t10k becoming 2nd in chips and then 20 minutes to lose it all :) .

      Which brings up another important live tourney point - there are very few hands played compared to online, so if you are a chip leader then expect to get loads of action sent your way from people with short-medium stacks wanting to double up through you. (As opposed to online, where people try to avoid chip leaders mostly me thinks). Might be true only for "cheap" tournaments though. Be ready and be weary. I lost 2/3rds of my chips by overplaying postflop KK vs 99 and AQ vs K7.