Monitor holder Question

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      I want to "float" my monitor above my bed like in the picture below but I can't use its holder because it can't hold it upside down also I can't damage the walls (dorm room) so I have to hang it somehow below the shelves (I have shelves above my bed on the wall). Also English isn't my native language and I can't figure out what exact topic I should search on ebay if there is any for this specific question (Monitor holder on wood shelves upside down or something). Or for some home made tutorial how to fix this .

      If you can tell me what to search I'd be happy like this fish: :f_biggrin: . :)

      Thanks in advance.
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      1. Er...why?
      2. I doubt if there's a dorm manager they would let you bang nails in etc., so I have no idea.
      3. see (1.)
    • METALzx
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      I want to hang it from the shelves with like tape or something.

      Okay I made this in paint to make some sense

      from this:

      to this:

      1. Because we have a smallish room and I want to watch my weekly ~10-15 series from the bed
      2. for the lulz