Finished $50 bonus, now what?

    • SickAtHome
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      So I cleared a second $50 bonus after two months.
      I've got 152 party points, and a $80.73 BR.
      Played 85 tournaments in total (1 - $11, 83 - $3, 1 - $1) and have got $80.73, giving me a 11.77% ROI. I've had 22 1st, 14 2nd places, and 84 of these tourneys are 6max.
      I also have an account of PokerStars with $102 BR on it (with 247.5 FPP).

      I prefer longer blind levels, as I can usually analyze my opponents so I can find their weakness and betting patterns. PokerStars offers $3 10-man SNGs with only 13% rake, while Party has $2.40 6-man SNGs with 25% rake. PokerStars also offers more chips at the start.

      Some questions...
      Should I move my BR over to PokerStars so I can play the $5 SNGs (or the $3 with bigger BR)? how much?
      If I'm to withdraw from Party, do I need to deposit once first?
      Is Full Tilt much better for micro/low SNGs / micro MTTs?
      Any other advice?
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    • HannesZ
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      Hey SickAtHome,

      First off all bankroll management is very important. You should have at least 50 buy-ins (better 100 buy-ins) to minimize the risk of ruin. So I recommend you to not play higher than the $3 SNGs.

      The rake on PartyPoker is quite high. So a change to PokerStars makes sense. If you want to withdraw on PartyPoker, you need to make a deposit first using the same method.

      Best regards,
    • Nuxwell
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      What do we need to do, to be able get second time 50$ free ?
    • liman12
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      you need to change your identity :D
    • IngridN
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      Hi Nuxwell,

      As you probably already know the free $50 starting capital is only credited once.

      We run special promotions where you could get the second chance to receive the free $50 but which are out of my hands, however will cross all my fingers for you. =)