For any starting begginer

    • edgegs
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      Hi there, my name is Alessandro and I am from Brazil.

      I am not really a "begginer", just played some hands in my life, as everyone, lost some and win a part of them.

      Some days ago I received the PokerStrategy starting bankroll at FullTilt Poker, and I will give some advices based on my own experience.

      I started playing following the "Starting Hands Chart" table (please, watch this video), and got almost 20% of profit in some hours, nothing bad for a start.

      As mentioned in the page Short Stack Strategy: Beginner's mistakes (Mistakes #3 and #6 ), some hours later, I started to be worried, I got some big hands beat by really bad calls, then I had a "really nice" idea to play more hands because everyone were beating me with poor hands, I was on "Tilt". The result I got is that I have no bankroll anymore, all my mone is gone.

      Please, make sure to read the Short Stack Strategy: Beginner's mistakes page again and again.
      Doesn't matter how good you are, if you were caught in one of those mistakes, you will lose.

      That's my advice.

      Good luck.
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    • OnkelHotte
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      Hey edgegs,

      thank you for that post. This is great advice for every player.

      However I am sorry you lost your Bankroll. What are your plans now?
      Did you consider building a new BR by playing freerolls?

      Best regards,