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    • IronSulphide
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      Hi Guys,
      I recently joined PokerStrategy and am pleased to say that receiving my $50 starting capital was a quick and easy process. Thank You.
      I've played at PokerStars for a few days now and earned a small bunch of VPPs. I understand that these will earn me strategy points, updated on a daily basis, but as yet my strategy point total is showing Zero. I know it's early days and not urgent but I'm wondering if the system is working or if I need to do anything else to kick-start it.
      Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    • OnkelHotte
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      unfortunately there might occur delays sometime with point updates as we rely on date from poker rooms which is sometimes late.

      You can see this in your profile:
      "..." means that we are still waiting for data.

      If this is the case please accept my apologies, but there is nothing we can do but wait
      However there was not a single case we did not get the data so you will get your StrategyPoints credited for sure.

      Best regards,