A friend threatened to call durrrr to play me HU4Rollz if I don't spread the word about a new website called "Gamersbook.com", so here I am, with his mobile phone pointed at my head and sweating in hope that I do the job properly and save my bankroll :)


A new website "Gamersbook.com" has risen on the vast space of our everyday cyber lives known as internet. To remove any question marks floating in your mind regarding the site's name, no, the site is not an online book store for gamers, it is a meeting place for gamers across the world!

To list everything that this site offers would take a while and I only have one jug of tea (cups are too small) to drink before I end my writing session and do what we all inevitably have to - sleep.

So what exactly is Gamersbook?

Basically, what ninjas are for handling shurikens, that's what Gamersbook is for meeting fellow gamers, finding recruits for your clans, guilds and what not, staying in touch with your friends and a lot more.

The site does not focus on any single game, meaning FPS, RTS, RPG and other gamers will all find something to their liking. Besides news on the latest patches, cool gadgets, upcoming products, tournaments, etc., the site also offers you an easy way to find and communicate with fellow gamers. Whether you like to snoop around the forums or chill in the back and chat with your friends, you have it all at your disposal on Gamersbook.

If you wish to know more about Gamersbook, find people who share the same gaming interests as you and/or nestle down at a gaming website which offers everything you seek at one place, then put your index finger to work and click Gamersbook.