25nl flop bet, turn check, river pot bet

    • getnavi
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      How do u think about that line?

      OOP villian normal flop bet (like 60-70% of pot) and hero call.
      turn check/check
      river POT size bet from villian.

      It is very common at micro stakes.

      slow played good hand or bluff.. right?
      Does it +ev to call with marginal hand? like middle pair or A high.
      nowadays I call with A high at flop FD board.

      any idea?
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    • fusionpk
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      depends on villain & board texture, sometimes he checks for pot control, sometimes to give up and sometimes to c/r u, also sometimes he might take a free card if he is drawing. :)
    • pzhon
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      You say there was a flop bet, turn check, and river pot-sized bet... but what happened preflop? Who has position? Was the flop heads-up or multiway? Was the river card scary or a blank?

      Betting the full pot on the river instead of 1/2-2/3 pot often indicates a polarized range. You usually won't see a mediocre hand like second pair. There are times when the Villain's line will be unbalanced toward bluffs, and you can call with pure bluff-catchers, but sometimes the reverse is true.
    • Wriggers
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      With the limited amount of information, when I see this line it's usually me flat calling their PFR, they throw out a standard Cbet on the flop and I float it. Then they usually give it up on the Turn, planning to fold to my bet into them. I usually oblige with this and throw a bet out and take down the pot. If I do check behind they usually fire out on the river, although usually it's only about 2/3 pot. As pzhon said it can indicate a polarised range, for me it seems to lean more towards the pure bluff end of that range.

      When I take the general line of bet flop, check turn, bet river it's more often than not pot control, with TPWK on a wettish board or something, but then I definately wouldn't be betting pot on the river.

      SO judging from past experiences, i'd say a lot of the time it's a standard Cbet, and they basically give up to any action on the turn, but sense weakness from a check on the turn and try to push you out on the river. This is aif you're in position.