Bigstack, Bubble - shove rags vs Megashortie BB?

    • YourDoom
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      Lets put some model situation here:

      FullTilt SupTurbo 2+0.15

      CO - Hero - 1800 chips
      BU - 440 chips
      SB - 440 chips (50 at table as SB, 390 left)
      BB - 20 chips (all 20 at table as BB)

      Blinds 50/100

      Should I push rags (lets say 85o) here? How should reads and my image influence whether to push or not?

      Of course my fold equity is not as good as in previous hand (megashortie first to act) because caller ends out of money only in case megashortie wins AND I get (bigger) side-pot. On other hand BU and SB will not have wide calling ranges and only mid+ pair rapes me badly. If BU and SB folds I can either win or lose flip vs BB and both is very good because losing can prolong bubble where I can shove any 2 into current BU and SB with HUGE fold equity further increasing my chance to win tourney.
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    • pzhon
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      I don't think you should shove that widely.

      You don't steal that many chips since there isn't a full big blind, and you are behind the all-in player even if the medium stacks fold.

      Even though it is the bubble, with the short stack all-in, the medium stacks do not need to be as risk-averse. Also, players often call too widely on the bubble.

      If you push this, you will show the hand down, which will ruin your image. Your opponents will make many spite calls later as a result.