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what does it mean when someone says 60/2 fish

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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      Its VPIP and PFR statistics. VPIP is voluntary put money into the pot which means what % of starting hands he puts money in with preflop, by either limping, cold calling, raising or 3-betting.

      PFR is preflop raise which means how many of the hands that he is playing (VPIP) he opens by raising.

      So 60/2 means he plays 60% of all starting hands, but only raises 2% of them which means his a fish who limps a lot.

      This type of fish is profitable to isolate by raising his limp and then c-bet the flop since most of them play hit or fold so when ever they flop nothing they just fold leaving dead money for us to pick up.

      Hope that helps
    • HannesZ
      Joined: 30.06.2010 Posts: 16,323
      Thanks for the explanation MatejM47.

      VPIP and PFR are also explained in our glossary.

      VPIP: VPIP or VP$IP stands for voluntary put $ in pot and tells in what percent of cases a player put money in the pot preflop.
      PFR: The PFR (Preflop Raise) tells how often a player raises in the first round of betting.

      If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards,