Belgian fish grinds the 180's

    • potatorsalad
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      Hello pokerstrategy,

      My name is Jonas and I am a student and a wannabe MTT grinder :f_biggrin:

      I am from a small European country called Belgium , known for it's delicious food and it's retarded politics :D

      Poker history

      Like everyone on this site I started out with the free 50 $ bankroll and donated it to the lovely people on partypoker :D

      I played like a complete donk and thought BRM was for pussies, now that went wel
      After a while I got a no deposit bonus from Partypoker and started playing SSS
      I got my 25 $ up to 115 $ and then I tilted it away on HU tables untill I only had 50 $ left , I cashed it out and moved my poor excuse for u Bankroll to Pokerstars.

      There I discovered my game multitable Sngs, I worked my 50 $ up to 200 and started playing the 2.20 180's

      I am going to use this blog for motivation and discipline purposes.
      I can put in a decent amount of volume because I don't have many classes and don't have alot of tasks

      My goals for the rest of this month are

      :spade: Play at least 50 Sngs a week
      :spade: Stay away from big field Mtt's
      :spade: Start posting hands for evaluation

      If you have advice for me regarding the 180's feel free to post!
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    • Ribbo
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      Good first post, let's hope you keep your money long enough to stay posting updates. :f_cool:
    • MatejM47
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      Hey, good luck with your goals, but if your planning on playing only 50 tournaments per week its gonna be tough. 180s man are super swingy so you really need to put in a ton of volume if you want to be successful at them as well as a big bankroll of at least 100BI's at the minimum. You can easily go with out winning one for over 100 games or even more. And since their prize pool is so top heavy that real money starts at top 3 you really need to put in tons of volume to even out the variance.
    • Bigniux
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      Hey, nice to see one more MT Sng'er :) As Matej said, with 50 games/week you'll have difficulties dealing with variance. I'm mainly playing 45mans and variance is sick, 300-400 games long downswings, 1k games b/e. Be careful with only 100 BI :) such swings happen on 45mans, on 180s they can be bigger.

      Good luck at the tables ;)
    • potatorsalad
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      Surprised to see so many replies :)
      I played like twenty tournaments and I am currently up to 265 :f_biggrin:

      Starting tomorrow I am going to play a live tournament with first price an entry to the WSOP 2011 1.5 K NLHE event so wish me luck :s_biggrin:
    • Kimber88
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      Good luck with that, and good luck with 180's :)