Multiple accounts? why??

    • clawindsouza
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      Hey i noticed that a lot of poker players have multiple accounts? Is there any particular reason? any advantage?

      I was just curious...coz i have like 2 accounts in which i won a freeroll but do not use the wondering if i should just take them out or is der some advantage
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    • eteris
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      bonus whoring
    • Sasa1234
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      I think its not allowed by poker sites to have multiple accounts
    • clawindsouza
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      by multiple accounts i mean accounts in different sites
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi clawindsouza,

      I have several different platforms scattered around still, some tracked to PokerStrategy, some not (held prior to joining).

      Whilst I tend to visit 3x regularly, it's still sometimes useful keeping the others open as they all set up promotions & freerolls into live events etc occasionally.

      Obviously if you're not going to play on a certain platform for a while, then it pays to transfer any large amounts of money into your more active platform, but if it's only a couple of $, then no harm leaving them (except Partypoker who will charge a small fee on inactive accounts).

      Best regards,

    • pogodon
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      my cuz only plays two accounts and he said he swaps over if he is feeling downswing or something on one of them,
    • justkyle88
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      Moving account won't stop a downswing.
      Just have to ride it out and keep playing A-game.
    • opal99
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      I have plenty of accounts but use 2 at the moment.. One is my main one where I'm grinding for max bonus, the other one is used only if there's lack of traffic on the main one, if i meet all conditions for max bonus I can get current month (or if i'm not able to reach the higher one) or if i dont feel like grinding and want to play 1-2 tables while watching top gear :f_cool:

      oh, and i have PokerStars active also, but use it only for a MTT from time to time and to play some FPP satelits with all points I earned a year ago...

      Originally posted by EagleStar88
      (except Partypoker who will charge a small fee on inactive accounts).
      Mansion does it also! But you'll be notified by email a week before...