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Here goes nothing... My Heads-Up Jurney !

    • PokerFrenzyRo
      Joined: 01.07.2010 Posts: 9
      Hello, I`m 20 years old, student at the Police Academy in Bucharest, Romania.
      I`m playing poker for like 10-11 months with stoppage periods making like 4 months totally... Started as everyone (probably) with freerolls, not big deal winnings, always I thought that I play to train and maybe at some point win something... Train and train.

      I`ve joined PS like 4-5 months ago and selected Full Tilt as the 50$ platform to play on... Played like the first 2 months before I got bored and decided to enjoy my sumer break... During this period played only 1$ - 3$ MTT and rarely SnG... Print-screened all my winnings [ place & prize ] : 12-5$ ; 1-22$ ; 1-4.5$ ; 1-362$ ; 1-2.2$ ; 1094-30$ ; 299-9.5$ ; 1-14.4$ ; 1-9$ ; 11-11$ ; 27-3$ ; 4-4.5$ and that`s about all I got.

      As you can notice the biggest win was a 1st place at a single re-buy+addon 700 people MTT... Continued playing at the same stakes and lost almost all the times, the above winning are chronologically arranged too, hunted by bad bets... ( omg, when will they stop ? :P )

      After a month of brake I came back to college and decided to ask the support for some withdraw stuff... After that a 2 months of frenzy support talks sending and receiving over 50 e-mails and scanning more and more documents... Maybe at some point I`ll tell all that happened there, as the topic is not to disclose some lame FTP technics, but in the end I am truly disappointed of the Full Tilt Security and Support Team, a big act for nothing... In the end they apologized (d'oh) and said that the problem is solved and never will they bring to front the accusations I got 2 months ago... So account reinstated and I was told to withdraw I need to reach the 1000 FTP Points mark as was agreed with PS, having at that time 158 points. This whether I want or not I need to continue playing and reach the 1k mark and the problems that appeared with FTP ambitioned me.

      This was happening 2 days ago, Sunday, and the same day as I was coming back from home to college I met in train someone that was watching poker replays and started a talk... He was playing heads-up at 5-10$ and at that time was watching the replays of a friend that was playing only 50-100 heads-up... Had a long talk and at the end I decided to learn and play mostly heads-up games and improve as I noticed it`s a game that suits better my style. Btw... I'm talking about No Limit Hold'em :P

      So... Why Heads-up better for me ?!
      :heart: Shorter in duration, quick to reach the finish. (although played even 40 min once)
      :heart: More loose aggressive, bluff oriented style, my way.
      :heart: Easier to use the button in your advantage.
      :heart: Not big variances of the play style you could face.
      :heart: Easier to HUD only one person at the table rather than 6/9, focus on him.
      :heart: Observe better the style of the opponent in various situations, the pattern rather than at 6/9.
      :heart: Style mixing easy enough to keep him passive.
      :heart: Smaller draws needed to take an all-in.
      :heart: Easier to keep the pressure on the opponent.
      :heart: Not the case to be hit by a bad beat and take the not-payable 101 spot in a 2000 MTT after 5 hours of play. In the end what is in your brain counts, not the imminent bad beat that will strike sooner or later, I`m an expert on them, you'll see. And therefor easier to recover from downswings.
      :heart: Easier to reach the 1000 FTP points mark playing with the same rake as MTT but way shorter in duration.

      Why use this forum ?!
      :club: Very good support from very good players and stuff members.
      :club: Motivate myself and keep on track.
      :club: Keep constant records of my progress in a safe place.
      :club: The perfect place to show my bad bets :X
      :club: Brag about :P Hope will be the case :)

      The plan ... :s_evil:
      :diamond: Overall idea is that at the moment I have in my account ~310$ but I will start at 1$. Although I can play at bigger stakes what I want is to obtain here is a solid progress thro' stakes and by that improve my heads-up game, this is the objective, not the profit, therefor $$$ won`t be the central discussion topic.
      :diamond: I won`t play every day so the days when I will play will be marked as "Day 1... 2" and will contain at least 20 heads-up games for 1 table days, 40 games for 2 simultaneous tables days and 60 for 3 simultaneous tables days and when I don`t reach the cap I will record the session as "Session" and won`t advance to the next level or down by one level, will be like training sessions. I`m not used to multi tabling so hope 3 won`t affect my game at the rate of play of heads-up.
      :diamond: But what is the "level" ? I refer to level as the moment when I switch gear to higher stake or number of simultaneous tables or lower them... So each day is dedicated only to one stake/level.... Level 1.1 is for 1$ and 1 tables, Level 1.2 is for 1$ and 2 tables, Level 1.3 for 1$ and 3 tables, Level 2.1 for 2$ and 1 table and so on...
      :diamond: What determines the switch ? Switch will be made to higher level when the number of wonned games is more than the lost ones... So from 20 games if I win 11 I advance to Level 2... By not getting positive balance means I will repeat the level the next "Day", if I get 2 repetitive days successive negative balance I get a level lower.

      That`s it for now.... "Only" this :P More to come :D

      :spade: Day 1 (09.11.2010) - Level 1.1 :: [ Direct Forum Link ] :: Won 20/33 :: 1193 hands ::
      :spade: Day 2 (10.11.2010) - Level 1.2 :: [ Direct Forum Link ] :: Won 23/42 :: 1351 hands ::

      At least this what I can say after what I noticed in this 2 days I played (one for testing and this one as first to be recorded) and read a little from various sites, more to be added as I advance, I want to keep this topic starter post updated as much as possible so to be easy to navigate and understand, each day will be put in another post and in this central post direct link to the days posts.

      Hope you could puzzle my not so good English :)
      And btw... I know no one read all I wrote here but maybe at some point if this "plan" works all above will be worth reading word by word.

      Awaiting suggestions.

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