Earning money with Rush MSS

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      Hi ny name is Fab and i am French living in the UK. I currently Play NL25 Rush with midstack.

      i am by profession a self employed PHP web developer but since last year work has been generally speaking very slow. I stated playing poker about a year ago just for fun at PKR. Deposited $50 and after having fun I got lucky in a few tournies and manage to get a BR of about $125. About the same time I discovered PS and registered with my stating capital at fulttilt playing SSS. I withdrew my BR on PKR and depiosited as well on FT. in a couple of month I made about $800 profit but then in a few days went on tilt and lost $300. Idecided to take a break and withrew $500 and left $200 for a future come back. after 2 month I decided to come back with a diferent approach.

      I play MSS Rush
      I start NL10 with 50BI
      I go down if I reach $100
      I withdraw the first $500 profit
      I take a shot at NL25 if I get and extra $100
      (make it 30BI)
      I move to NL25 if I reach $500

      those were the initial rules
      I madethe $500 every month take shot at NL25 toward the end of the month most month but soon losing the 10Bi. then last month I reach the $500 and made an extra $200 at NL25 (withdrew)

      so started november with $500 and rolled for NL25 and new goals.

      withdraw the first $1000 profit.
      if manage to do that next 10BI take shots at NL50
      move to NL50 with 100BI

      that should take me sometime :) .

      So far this month I have been playing pretty poorly and have managed to withdraw $200. I don't seem to find my A game and confort zone. I have not been feeling great either, both morally and physically (had a bit of a cold/flu). so hopefully my game will improve.

      I get asked a lot why do I withdraw instead of building my BR. Well a few reasons:

      first as long as I beat the limit with 3bb/100 I should be able to achieve these goals with no difficulty, so it pushes me to beat a limit and not just be lucky.

      I makes the wife happy and makes it acceptable to play poker.

      What more enjoyable and rewarding to spend some your earnings.

      It also a little helps at the moment at the end of the month :) .

      So Each month I play over 100k hands.
      I decided tonight to start this blog and discuss my progress and mindset may be show a few graphs. Maybe will need a few pointers to keep interesting :D although I am not playing on discussing my game style in this this thread :D
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    • thazar
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      Well here is my graph for today :(

      although I should not be to disappointed apart from a few errors I found that my game was not too bad.

      I don't know if it is an impression but it seem to me that over the last few days I tend to face a lot of AA with my big hands QQ, KK, and AK+, a lot more than the other way around. Hopefully it will pick up in the next few days :D
    • thazar
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      Had another silly day finished break even. I need to catch some sleep and get my moral up otherwise I gonna have a bad month :D