MTT Coaching Idea

    • AaronLambert
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      This is something I am simply throwing around in my head right now and I wanted some input before I potentially go forward with this idea.

      Basically what it would be is a group of maybe 10 guys(rough estimation) that I would coach like a classroom style maybe a hour twice a week? The topics could vary from sweating me playing to topic based discussion to HH from students. I would provide monthly HH reviews with each member for individual attention in return for a % of profit.

      This is simply a rough idea but I don't know if anyone would even be interested in this or what they would like to see if they wanted to get involved. I would change my staking part of my website to include students and eventually I may open up some of the students to be able to blog on my website if they want too.

      The contractual part would maybe be a 6 month period to join "Team dfsuperstar". This is all still a rough idea. I have also considered adding a fellow MTT player who would possibly alternate sessions with me.

      Anyways feedback or ideas along with this would be great. Keep in mind I still play poker a ton :D .
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