[NL2-NL10] Is this correct play w/Ak?

    • p0ps0t
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      Titan Poker Valence 0.02/0.04, hand converted by the iPoker Converter

      Button Etsche ($3.02)
      SB BimBella ($6.65)
      BB johansyone ($5.48)
      UTG shenl0ng ($0.96)
      UTG+1 dede111 ($4.27)
      MP murreknark ($5.27)
      MP stepth ($5.26)
      CO-1 Nipsa ($5.71)
      CO rutek9 ($1.60)

      Preflop: shenl0ng is UTG with Ks Ah
      shenl0ng raises to 0.16, dede111 calls 0.16, 7 folds.

      Flop (0.38) 3h 2d 4s
      shenl0ng bets 0.20, dede111 raises to 0.40, shenl0ng raises to 0.48, dede111 calls 0.28.

      Turn (1.74) 3c
      shenl0ng moves all-in for 0.12, dede111 calls 0.12.

      River (1.98) 2s

      shenl0ng shows Ks Ah
      dede111 shows 9h 9c

      dede111 wins 1.98 with Two pair, Nine's and Three's with a Four for a kicker
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    • Chiller3k
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      plz don't post results

      preflop raise is okay

      I would bet 0.25$ at the Flop (2/3 potsize)

      after his min reraise i would fold as a beginner. The Flop looks very dry and you only have got 10 outs left. And If he's got the 2 you'e nearly beat.

      If you've got a read and really want to reraise him, reraise all in directly!! But as I said, only if you've got a very good read
    • Berliner1982
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      You should only play on this limit if you can buy-in with $0.80 otherwise, you´re not really a short stack and the strategy is not as effective as it could be.

      Preflop you did everything right. On the flop bet always 2/3 of the pot as continuation bet. I would bet $0.25 here. After his raise you have 2 options.

      1. Go All-In, when you give yourself 10 full outs for your 2 Overcards and 4 Outs for the straight. That means that your opponent is only holding an Overpair here and not Two Pair or better.

      2. Fold otherwise.