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[Application] Stake a Short Stacker!

    • AlCaTrAzzALZ
      Joined: 06.05.2008 Posts: 726
      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      Feedback thread

      Hi guys! My name is AlCaTrAzzALZ, a 25 year old Business Manager from Australia, who has been a casual poker player for the past 5 years. I have had a small level of success both online and live, but due to other commitments I have never really put in the level of effort that I want to put into online poker.

      Earlier this year, I decided that it was finally time I put my efforts into a particular game, and decided to focus on 6max Short Stacking, starting at NL25 on Poker Stars. Having a strong mathematical background, I quickly warmed to this game, and was able to put in decent volume and get very decent results. Unfortunately my play was split between home and office, so the graph above is only my office play. Despite the relatively small sample size, I strongly believe this shows me to be a solid winner at this limit.

      So, some more details of what I am offering to a potential backer.

      Game to be played: For the duration of this stake, I would exclusively play 6max SSS on Poker Stars. As you will notice from my PTR, I have played around alot of different games, but feel this is not only my strongest game, but also the game in which I will give the best return to my backer.

      Limit to be played: For obvious reasons, I would be looking at playing at least NL25/NL50, with the possibility to move up in limits (following agreed upon BRM naturally)

      Volume to be played: This would be dependent upon the duration of the stake. I am hoping for a staking deal which would extend into 2011 where I will be able to dedicate significantly more time into both playing and studying. As it stands, for the remainder of 2010 I would expect to put in at least 20/30 hours per week. The number of tables I would be playing would be dependant on the limit being played (for example, I would feel very comfortable playing 16+ tables at NL25, but would drop down to 9 tables if I was playing NL50+ until I felt I had a good feeling for the metagame as well as a good sample on any regs etc.)

      For reference, 9 tabling these games usually gets about 750 hands/hour.

      Duration of the Stake: Cash Game stakes are very different to SNG/MTT stakes, and I fully understand that for this to be as profitable a deal as possible for the backer, a longer term deal would be preferable. However, If you are looking for something short term, please contact me and i'm sure we can work something out.
      Please keep in mind that SSS SH can be swingy at times (hence the several 10BI downswings in the above graph) therefore any staking deal where I would be able to play less than 25k hands will not be considered. However, if you wish to discuss me putting in a super month (150k+ hands) I am open to discussion in this regard ;)

      Other Details: I am more than happy to discuss either a coaching/staking combo deal, or just a staking arrangement. Actual staking details such as % share etc I would rather negotiate individually with the backer, but rest assured I would be hoping to make a deal which will be very profitable to both of us ;)

      References: justkyle88, who is a Moderator on these forums, is a good friend with whom I have had countless poker discussions including several discussing 6max SSS in particular.

      If you have any further questions, my Skype is AlCaTrAzzALZ, I am also available on MSN (my msn details will be provided upon request).

      Edit - Added stats image (with VPIP/PFR etc removed, this information will however be available to a potential backer)
      Also added reference info
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