Follow my journey trying to learn some Poker from the begining "again". My story and goals.NL+PLO

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      Hey Everybody! This is TheKingOfCasablanca. (not really the king :P )
      Anyways, I am a member at PokerStrategy since a long time and i have interduce myself at the swedish comunity (I live in Sweden but not from sweden). But just because I am not very good at swedish (neither english) so i decided to start reading articles in english and it seems like it is working good by now :) .
      PS: the numbers I write in $ is about. it is not exact. And I hope you will understand What I write... If you wonder about anything go ahead and ask.
      Now some info about me.
      Who is TheKingOfCasablanca?
      They call me Kalle here in Sweden and i am 22 years old. I have been playing poker now for like a year and a half.
      Why did I start playing Poker and when?
      I had friends who were playing poker and were talking too much about it, and that ppl could make real money from it, and they wanted me to try it so I gave it a shot in summer 2009 with my first deposit of 25$ at a swedish website called (Svenska Spel).
      What happened since I started playing poker?
      First off, when I made the deposit at Svenska Spel, I didnt have any idea about the BRM. so I started playing and in about 2 hours I made the 25$ to +70$. /new players luck/. I ate and came back to play and lost the whole BR. and all I was thinking about.. That was a bad beat... thats the only thing I WANTED to blame it on. not thinking that full house was better then my nutflush... But anyways, I liked poker so much so I decided I could play like 1hour aday if i have money otherwise i make deposit 1time a month and hoping it will be the last deposit.. what happened I lost it again. question is why? the answer is: BR! I didnt respect it.. I just played like with 5BI max. and I lost it in like a week... and then in September 2009 ( 3months of giving out money at poker). I found PokerStratgy... I believed I watched a video at youtube and found a link there to PokerStrategy. First I became a memeber and then decided to try the quiz without reading any article... I filed... so i tried it later (I dont remember exactly when i tried it again) but anyways I had to read BRM articles , BSS articles (CG) MTT articles. which i need to learn.
      I was playing freerolls in the internet winning at freerolls , losing it at cash game... untill November 2009.
      I was invited to a home game tournament (I dont know if i can call it a home game) anyways friends from work wanted to play a tournament BI: about 80$ with rake (550kr swedish kron). I played with them and won the first price ( 7000kr = 1000$). it was crazy... I bought a laptop with the money and made a deposit of 150$ at pokerstars... and lost it later because I couldnt just play one game, today I play MTT, later I play Omaha then jump to NLHE.... I was mixing games wich made me lose it...
      now in every month since November 2009, I play a live tournament. the thing is since November 2009 I won the first place 6 times, was in 2ed or 3ed 2 and was knocked out4times before the money. anyways that makes me +at least 6000$ from playing live . BI to tournments 80$ then i play cash game NL200. and players who play are between 24 to 30 players. 3 ITM. ( not like auckland at titan). with 3ITM makes the players who reach money win so much. anyways thats not the subject...
      Now as I said I am +6000$ live but losing and still losing at internet... now I play with a huge BR and still losing... I dont know what I am doing wrong. That's why I decided to stop playing poker at internet for a while and try to learn Poker. I like poker and I play it because it is funny. I just don't want it to be an expansive hobby, if you understand what i mean :) .

      What I am planing to do now::
      I will
      • not play poker for a while.
      • Try to read at least one article aday so many times so I deeply understand it and could explain it for others...
      • watch my hand history and post hands that i have some wondering about here.
      • try to write here after every poker session I play with results and graphs.
      • make a deposit of 500$ at anywebsite and play with +100BI (to the game I will decide i will continue playing...) so playing MTT between 1$-5$ and try to learn poker from the ground..
      • Do my best to find a way to stop tilting which is not that easy.

      Now That I wrote so much I need to bring this to an end. I hope that you understand anything of what I wrote here ( The reasen that I didnt make blogg at swedish comunity was because I don't trust my swedish...)
      some info about my BR:
      PokerStars : 55,86$
      888 Poker : 103,13$ (after wining 4$ from a freeroll i played it up to 103,13 mexing between MTT and PLOH)
      Titan Poker: 45$
      I have more accounts at diffent sites But I prefer PokerStars and 888Poker (too bad that Holdem Manager doesnt work at 888Poker).

      Tools I am using: Holdem manager.

      I don't know if the idea about playing at 1 website with 100BI is good or not. but I maybe get any suggestions from you guys :) .
      Thanks for your time :f_biggrin:
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      Hello! nice post,I hope you will beat the micros so fast. and first question - why do you thinking that HM doesn`t work with 888? I, I KNOW that it`s working ;) just read some FAQ`s on HM site if you have problems with soft.
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      Well I have Holdem manager Holdem +Omaha. but It doesnt work at 888Poker. But I will read that FAQ later. Thanks for tips
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      Hey again!
      I was wondering that questions since I wrote my first post at this blog. What shall I play? What sorts of game I am good at and which I shouldnt play.
      Somtimes, I play a session NL. then after playing about 400 hands I move to PLO and play like 400 hand there too and then start a SnG tournament with one or two MTTs. Thats maybe what makes me lose so much. When I play live I only play MTT. But at internet I am playing like everything... (cash game, i play PLO better then NL) and comparing my game SnG or MTT, I play MTT better.
      Now, I was thinking If I could give each game a chance, maybe play Omaha for one month and not mix it with anyother game, next month play Holdem and not mix it ... Sng, and then MTTs and each one I play it for one month, or maybe instead of playing a game for a month I maybe should say like I play 20k NL hands, 20k PLO hands and 100 Sng/MTT and then show the result.
      I maybe play PLO and MTT at 888Poker/PokerStars and Ipoker network. NL 888Poker. using Holdem manager and posting result whenever i play like 10k hands :) . I dont think it is good to post whenever I play a session but I better post after 10K hands.
      well, I need an advice when it comes to choose the game I should play... any advice I would be happy to follow.
      Thanks again.
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      Since the 12th November I played 17 hours. mixing it between PLO2 - PLO10 4 tables. and then I played for one hour 1 table NL10.

      NL10 session:

      I played so much PLO but I decided to play only one hour at NL tables. and I thought one table will be good, so I could focus more at the game and players. (Of course I use HEM too.. But numbers are not enough.)
      Most players at table were tight/passive, So I decided to play more loose and agressiv :) . and just play carefull.

      While playing I saw that player his stats was (10/2/2.3) call a 3bet raise preflop with JJ while he was at BTN. take a look at the hand.
      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($16.56)
      BB ($6)
      UTG ($5.26) 13/7/1.0
      Hero ($10.19)
      UTG+2 ($26.22)
      MP1 ($9.40)
      MP2 ($5.90)
      CO ($14.89)
      BTN ($9.47) 10/2/2.3

      Dealt to Hero 2:diamond: 4:club:

      UTG raises to $0.50, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN calls $0.50, fold, fold

      FLOP ($1.15) 9:club: J:club: 5:heart:

      UTG bets $1.15, BTN raises to $5, UTG calls $3.61 (AI)

      TURN ($10.67) 9:club: J:club: 5:heart: J:diamond:

      RIVER ($10.67) 9:club: J:club: 5:heart: J:diamond: 6:club:

      BTN shows J:spade: J:heart:
      (Pre 18%, Flop 89.8%, Turn 100.0%)

      UTG shows K:spade: K:heart:
      (Pre 82%, Flop 10.2%, Turn 0.0%)

      BTN wins $10.14

      I wrote a note at him to remember the way he played his hand so I could use it later. and you know what? it happened.
      As I said I had to player looser because of the way those guys played. my stat was 34/22. and again against the same player BTN the following hand :

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.10(BB) Replayer
      SB ($15.75)
      BB ($9.99)
      Hero ($13.81) 34/22
      UTG+1 ($10.78)
      CO ($10.46)
      BTN ($13.25) 10/2/2.3

      Dealt to Hero K:spade: K:diamond:

      Hero raises to $0.40, fold, fold, BTN calls $0.40, fold, fold
      raising the same amount as I usually do when I make a raise, But my raise from UTG tells maybe that i have a big hand. anyways the BTN made the call. Now he could make call with any Axs or any pocket par.

      FLOP ($0.95) 3:heart: T:spade: 4:heart:

      Hero bets $0.71, BTN raises to $1.42, Hero raises to $5.21, BTN calls $3.79
      I made c-bet, as the flop didn't seem to be any dangerous. my cbet was 3/4 the pot as I usually do. now I got a minireraise wich made me think for a while wich hands could he reraise me with?.
      Hands that it is impossible he made call preflop with (10 3s, 10 4s, 3 4s, 5 6s for stright draw..)
      hands that has me crushed (44,33,1010).
      Hands that are drawing (A :heart: 10 :heart: or any Axs)
      Anyways I thought for a while and decided to reraise him, so if he reraise me all in, then i better fold it. he made a call (me like, slowplaying hmmm).

      TURN ($11.37) 3:heart: T:spade: 4:heart: K:club:

      Hero bets $8.20 (AI), BTN calls $7.64 (AI)
      The turn came the K that I need, and against a player that are tight passiv (check/call)... I decided to move all in. presenting AA or AK. and yeah it was a blixt call with his set.

      RIVER ($26.65) 3:heart: T:spade: 4:heart: K:club: 5:club:

      the river was very nice for me. :) and I took the pot.
      BTN shows 4:spade: 4:diamond:
      (Pre 18%, Flop 91.1%, Turn 2.3%)

      Hero shows K:spade: K:diamond:
      (Pre 82%, Flop 8.9%, Turn 97.7%)

      Hero wins $25.32

      The only thing I say I was really lucky that the K came on the turn. But a lesson that i learned, I maybe should raise/call against tight passiv players. and dont call thier hugebets. because they are playing with nuts...
      the session that I played was 96hands and i made a profit +14.18$

      Next time I update my blogg I will talk about PLO. I have played 2000hands at PLO and made a profit +93$
      I will show hands and grafs.. so dont miss it :s_cool:
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      a nice hand from PLO10
      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      PL Omaha $0.10(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($14.86)

      Dealt to Hero 8:diamond: Q:spade: 8:spade: 5:heart:

      raises to $0.20, Hero calls $0.10

      FLOP ($0.40) 9:spade: A:club: T:spade:

      Hero checks, bets $0.40, Hero calls $0.40

      TURN ($1.20) 9:spade: A:club: T:spade: J:spade:

      Hero checks, bets $0.70, Hero raises to $3.30, calls $2.60

      RIVER ($7.80) 9:spade: A:club: T:spade: J:spade: Q:diamond:

      Hero bets $7.80, calls $7.80

      Hero shows 8:diamond: Q:spade: 8:spade: 5:heart:
      (Pre 59%, Flop 26.5%, Turn 100.0%)

      shows 2:spade: A:spade: 7:club: 2:heart:
      (Pre 41%, Flop 73.5%, Turn 0.0%)

      Hero wins $22.40