Roi% In Hu Sng

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    • PocketAcesJohn
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      Originally posted by antstruk

      My ROI% in HU SNG's is 52% is that Decent?
      I'm also guessing you have played less than 200 S&G's? Come back when you have played 1,000 or 2,000
    • Waiboy
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      Hey antstuk.

      I suspect it will be a sample size thing (ie a 50%ROI in 4 SnGs v 50% in 250k SnGs).

      How many have you played, what limits? Then someone who knows what they're talking about may come and give you some feedback.
    • pzhon
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      A ROI of 52% would be fantastic. I don't know that the games are so soft that you can sustain that, but there are many very bad players who don't know what they are doing heads-up in the lowest stakes HUSNGs available.

      In the short run, anything can happen. You can have a large skill advantage and lose several in a row. You might be a break-even player, but run far above expectation for many tournaments. A useful idea is the confidence interval which tells you roughly how far the true ROI can be from the observed value without this being surprising. After n heads-up tournaments, a rough 95% confidence interval for your ROI is 190%/squareroot(n). So, if you have played 100 tournaments with an ROI of 10%, you can say that you are confident that your true ROI is between -9% and +29%.