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$2 HU sng

    • antstruk
      Joined: 30.08.2010 Posts: 494
      Any opinions? P.S. I was trying to steal the pot on the river, not betting for value

      *** POCKET CARDS ***
      Dealt to AHTOHC [Jd Js]
      DONKEYKAWLER - Raises 45 to 60
      AHTOHC - Raises 150 to 180
      DONKEYKAWLER - Calls 120
      *** FLOP *** [3c Ad 8h]
      AHTOHC - Checks
      DONKEYKAWLER - Checks
      *** TURN *** [3c Ad 8h] [7s]
      AHTOHC - Checks
      DONKEYKAWLER - Checks
      *** RIVER *** [3c Ad 8h 7s] [4h]
      AHTOHC - Bets 360
      DONKEYKAWLER - Calls 360
      *** SHOW DOWN ***
      AHTOHC - Shows [Jd Js] (One pair, jacks)
      DONKEYKAWLER - Mucks
      AHTOHC Collects 1,080 from main pot
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total Pot(1,080)
      Board [3c Ad 8h 7s 4h]
      Seat 4: DONKEYKAWLER (dealer) (small blind) HI: [Mucked] [7h Kh]
      Seat 6: AHTOHC (big blind) won Total (1,080) HI:( 1,080) with One pair, jacks [Jd Js - PJ,PJ,BA,B8,B7]
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    • pzhon
      Joined: 17.06.2010 Posts: 1,151
      If you aren't sure whether your bet is for value or a bluff, it often means your bet is wrong. There are some exceptions where you make a small blocking bet out of position, but here you bet the pot. It is usually better to take a line like checking and calling if you think your hand might be good, but you don't expect many weaker hands to call or stronger hands to fold.

      If the board is very confusing, such as with 4 to a flush, then it is possible to make a bet so that some weaker hands will call while some stronger hands will fold. However, it is very often better to bluff with weaker hands than to bluff with a hand with so much showdown value. If you aren't confident that it would be right to bluff with KQ, then don't turn a hand like 55 into a bluff, wasting the extra showdown value.

      I do think you should reevaluate the strength of hands. Heads up, the BTN's range is much less weighted toward aces particularly after he does not 4-bet, so you shouldn't view JJ as a bluffing hand. This should be reinforced when your opponent checks behind on the flop and turn. In fact, it would be reasonable to bet the river for value, but remember that you are hoping to get called by worse than top pair. Better hands like two pair will not be chased out by a large bet, but you may need to bet smaller to get the most out of weaker hands.