Hold'em Profiler + Super HUD

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    • Navrark
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      Hello all,

      I just discovered this program/website called "Hold'em Profiler." Is anyone using it? Apparently you can either just upload your stats manually or you can even configure automatic uploads as well. There is also a HUD, apparently.

      I run XP in a Virtual Machine and - besides not being able to get it to work - Pokerstrategy Elephant is a resource hog. HEM and PT3 would be the same drain on system resources as well, unfortunately. I only single table by the way, so I just can't understand why these programs require so much juice.

      So again, I am just wondering if anyone uses this software and if anyone knows if this software breaks Full Tilt or Pokerstars Terms Of Service. I don't think it would but a Google search hasn't helped.