Hey guys. I wud love to know wat you make of brandom adams play here on helmuth. ok matasow raises to 825 with a j os.
helmuth call mikes raise with 10 10 on the button.
adams now re raises with 10 7 clubs to 2800.
esphandiari folds. mike folds.
phil reraises extra 4k.
adams reraises to 18800 total. phil calls. pot of over 38k.
flop comes q 8 5 two clubs.
adams shoves all in for 56,900.
phil folds.

My own opinion is that phil shud have re raised mikes raise as adams range of hands can be anything judged on how many pots he has entered and raises preflop.
secondly phil shud have smelt the fish wen adams shoved all in which exceeded the pot size.
now in this situation if phil puts your opponent on a hand like kk or aces then he shud be tinking that why wud he shuv all in on the flop.
surely he would play it to the extent that he bets half to 3/4 of the pot.
My verdict is that it was probly a bad fold judged on adams all in.

I find adams a fascinating talent at the table.
In this episode he is constantly raising followed by sea betting, to the extent dat his opponents have no idea were they are at. I also recommend that you watch adams feedback on directors cut as i find it quite intriguing
Comments much appreciated.