I am looking for someone that is a decent MTT player. I started to grind the 24$ and 75$ MTT-s and i need someone to assist me on this tourneys.
It doesn't matter if it is knockout,normal or turbo it matters which one you know to play better. I won't ask you to assist me in the early phase of the tournies because there is not so much to do.
I want someone who have experince on MTT(field of 200+ players) . I want to see a graph of your winnings ,but it's not very important if you are playing micro,small,are medium stakes...i mean it is important but i will accept a micro player too if he got a good graph and he wants this.
The price will be a % of the winnings. We will decide together this % but it will be a decent one, don't worry.
I am looking for someone like this because i don't have experience in MTTs and i want to improve my game. I need someone serios who is going to help me with this.
I will wait your replys or your PM.