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      I been a member for about an hour now and all i can say is....Thank god i found you.
      I've only been playing poker for 4 months and i've been lucky enough to bank some winnings. My biggest collect being $396 from a $12 buy in. Then i qualified for the P/S sunday millions. Boy was exposed..!! Everybody keeps telling me how well i did because i beat 4500 people to finish 2000 odd but i played terrible. I was well out of depth. Although i did'nt get the cards i feel i should've done better. In particular two hands still haunt me. JJ and A 10.....I won't go there...!! I did'nt know what to do. It was then that i realized that i had yawning gaps in my game.
      Just 1/2 hour reading your strategy sections and i'm very much the wiser. I would advise anyone, who's serious about poker, to take the time ,not only to read but digest, everything thats written. Personally i don't care if i get the $150 or not. The knowleldge and basic principles you have given is worth alot more.
      Cheers .....Rogan

      Poker is'nt a matter of life and's more important than that..!
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