To flop with pocket pairs

    • Nozzu
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      I have a (bad)habit to see flop with any pocket pair no mater what is my position(usually tables with 10 players). Ok if there one raise before or after me i call, if there 2 raise i fold.
      If flop is bad i fold and thats all. Usually i loose with this strategy but when flop is good to me and i get triple then i make that money back and even get some extra money. So i think that risk is worth to take?
      What to you think? I know thats no exactly what PHC tells but...

      P.S I play fixed micro limits.
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    • ciRith
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      You can call small pocketpairs if the table is loose enough. If you know that there are often 4-5 players who see the flop then of course you can call the small pocketpir for 1 bet and play if you hit a set and fold if you don't.

      Don't call 2 bets because this is to expensive. (Of couse if one player raises and 4 call him then you can call with a pair as well.)

      The same goes with suited conectors because you can win big pots with them as well if you hit a flush or a good straight.

      But don't play the big poketpairs in this way. Stay to the SHC and all small pocketpair who aren't listed could be played as explained above.