Newly joining a table of regulars with loose preflop play

    • coquette123
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      What do you think is the best way to maximize profitability when going into a game with a group of experienced players who play very loosely preflop?

      Here's the situation. I play tight. But when I do get good starting hands, I find that I'm up against 5 to 6 players. (Even AA or KK doesn't look so strong after that!) Also, if I raise too much, I get no callers. I often find myself not earning from big hands or getting sucked out by weak hands.
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    • HannesZ
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      Hey coquette123,

      If the table is very loose you should play tight.

      You also can raise preflop a little bit more, because your loose opponents will call anyway.

      So in the long run you should earn many from your premium hands. Sure, sometimes they will suck you out, but thats poker ;)