calling down loosely against shortstacks?

    • lennert9
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      Playing at 0.05-0.1 I've noticed that shortstacked players (3BB or less) are often just trying to get all in with ATC once they've missed the flop.
      Would it be profitable to loosen up my postflop play against them, asuming that often they will be betting/ calling with air? or should I keep on playing according to standard TAG postflop play?

      assuming that play is HU on the flop.
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    • cjheigl
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      Very often short stacks are on tilt. It is typical for them being desperate and shoving all-in thus ending the horror they are experiencing rather than see trickling down the small stack of chips they have left. If you have showdown value (it could be A high) and the short stack has not enough chips to bet the river (less than 2 BB left on the flop) you shouldn't fold. Call them down, raise with a made hand. If you have a draw, play it passively (only heads up). You don't have any foldequity against a short stack. Get the money in when you hit, keep it cheap when you don't.

      If you are multiway in a hand with a shortstack and he hasn't much money left (less than 2 BB) and if you are in a position to isolate him strongly consider an isolation raise with even marginal showdown value. You protect your hand and might get better hands to fold while having good chances against the short stack.