SHC for Freerolls/MTT?

    • memento16
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      Hey guys Im new here and jsut wanted to say great site im looking forward to building my bankroll here! Okay so while im waiting for my $50 Im entereing as many Freerolls as possible and enjoy playing MTT in gernal alot.

      But im confused at which starting hands I should be using, I had a starting chart I was using before but I think thats for normal S&G's and the others ive been trying to find , I need silver/gold level or I think bronze to see which I dont have yet. Also Should I be playing more aggresivly on freerolls compared to other MTT's early? I get a bit confused as I play so tight and sit there watching people play A 10 and A J chip up(in freerolls early) consistently. Any general tips or advice would be GREAT!,

      Thanks in advance
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