[Application] HUSNG coaching w/ profit sharing

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      I'm looking for a HUSNG coaching deal with profit sharing.
      • I've played about 300 HUSNGs with av BI $6 so far and looking to move up to $10-20-30-50 but still there are some roadblocks in the way.
        So basically I want somebody to help me plugging in my (major?/minor)leaks to be able to crush regspeed/turbo husngs.

      • At the moment I'm playing on Stars but willing to move to other sites.

      • Profit sharing is from $20 level with step system* to be able to move up quicker to $50 limit or so

      • Profit sharing also includes bonus/rakeback sharing aswell.

      • Looking to play at least 200-300HUSNGs a month.

      *step system: for example:
      - 30% on $20
      - 40% on $30
      - 50% on $50
      for xx games
      can be variable depending on coach

      - I'm active pokerstrategy member for 2 years
      - I'm active 2+2 member for 1.5 years
      - Type Icanhasriver+chipmeup into google for my past staking deals on cmu
      - Willing to subscribe for training sites in order to improve (got like 200 husng.com videos - tho still haven't seen half of them)

      some sample
      [ ] sample size I know, got like an additional 100-200 husngs on various sites which I forgot my sn to

      For more infos etc post here or via community tool.
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