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"Stuff my Boss Says"

    • Ribbo
      Joined: 25.06.2010 Posts: 6,157
      As some of you know, I was interviewed for my current position by OnkelHotte . Well he really pissed me off the other evening at the local casino... :f_biggrin:

      I was playing in a cash game £150 buyin all by myself when along came a huge bunch of guys from the company such as Melvin , Xantos , Jonas , Leo and some French and Dutch community managers amongst others. They had been partying and having beers so decided to start up a second table just between them all.

      Well, I was busy folding hands for 2 hours in a row, grinding away a profit of £120 against the sea of Spanish players, when OnkelHotte decided to wander over to see how I was doing on the other table.

      He then proceeded to talk to me from behind the other end of the poker table, so that everyone on the table heard the whole conversation.
      "You know Ribbo.... You are the most patient poker player I know, you just keep on folding all your hands and sitting there quietly".

      "haha, okay man" I replied sheepishly in the hope the subject matter would be quickly dropped. Luckily for me, Hotte got distracted by a passing waitress and proceeded to order another beer. Nits don't appreciates it when somebody else points out how much you're nitting it up in the game, especially someone not playing at the same table. :s_evil:

      As it turned out, I shouldn't have been so worried as only 2 of the 9 other players on my table actually spoke English. They all proceeded to ignore me nitting it up for the next hour as if nothing had changed. :f_biggrin:

      Afterwards I moved over to the table and folded for 2 hours in a row there as well (I was getting some appalling hands to be fair) until the very last hand of the night.

      Leo and OnkelHotte had a very aggressive dynamic going on all evening with lots of bluff reraising. It was almost 5am and we were down to 3 handed (only the hardcore poker players left!). We announced it to be the last hand and the cards were dealt.

      Leo raised his button to £5 and I flatted with AK, Onkel came over the top for £20, Leo called and I shoved all in (because I recognised this may look like me using my tight image to buy the last pot of the night).

      OnkelHotte called, I tabled my AK and I heard "oh fuck!" from under his breath. Obviously I had him crushed with him holding either a weaker ace or KQ.

      The board ran out A7567, Hotte quietly mucked and I headed to bed, wondering what next Monday would bring, having just busted my boss at the poker table the previous day....

      But it's Tuesday and i'm still here, so all is well. :f_cool:
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