Iron Man CASH Bonus

    • JohnTheGreatest
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      Hi, all!

      If I get Iron man CASH BONUS, I receive it as cash $ in my account that I can use as I want or do I have to clear it - and get it in small increments??????

      Thanks, :)
      just couldn't find any info about this.

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    • EdVardenis
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      Clear ;)
    • justkyle88
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      Hey miljonszalie,

      Cash Bonus's are usually cleared in small increments when you earn x amount of Points on the Poker Site you are playing on.
      So for example FTP as you asked:

      How do you clear the $600 bonus?
      A bonus is always placed in a separate bonus account. You have to release it from there by collecting a certain amount of Full Tilt Points.

      For 1 Full Tilt Point, $0.04 of the bonus is cleared. To release $1 of the bonus, you have to earn 25 FTPs.

      The bonus amount will either be paid out in increments of 10% of your first deposit or in $20 steps - depending on which of the two you earn first. If you made a first deposit of $100, for example, you will receive the bonus in $10 steps (10%).