Maths of poker... please help

    • philswindon
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      Hi all,

      I am currently doing a short term contract as a Maths teacher and have one particular group of dis-interested year 10's who are about as interested in Maths, or in school as a whole as we are at looking down at 72 off in our hands. It was suggested to me that I might like to find a topic/game that incorporates Maths but they wont necessarily see as being School Maths out of a text book!

      This obviously led me to Poker as it incorporates plenty of Maths and is actually a game they seem vaguely interested in! Today we went through the rules and started looking at the basic %'s in the game and we are talking basic, like 13/52 (25%) of each suit, and 4/52 (7.7%) of each Number etc etc.

      What I was hoping some of you might know is where/if I can find out basic maths calculations for poker that I can use with the students or if anyone has any idea's of easy ways to calculate out's, pot odd's or anything else mathematical to do with Poker.

      P.S. I am not a Maths teacher and whilst I obviously understand most of the Maths behind poker I am finding it hard to explain it/put it at a level they might understand hence asking you for suggestions!

      Many Thanks in advance

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    • AussieIan
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      Hi Phil, there should be plenty of information around. I see you haven't be around here long, have you check out the odds and outs article of the strategy section? As for the more detailed maths side of things, some fo the guys around here will be able to help you, or googling calculating odds and outs should bring plenty of info for you.

      Good luck
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      Maybe this will also help
    • philswindon
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      The Odds and outs section in Strategy, has actually got some really good info on it so thanks for directing me there.

      The main issue I have is that whilst I myself understand and generally can do the Maths to work out the percentages when playing, I am finding it hard to put this over to the pupils so they get a full understanding.

      If anyone has any clever idea's of how they learnt it themselves or any thing a bit different, or know of any good exercises that would help them practice calculating the basic odds and percentages that would be fantastic.

      Thanks all ready to those who have replied and in advance to those that do.

    • Konti23
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      You wanna have a look at hasenbraten's article:


      or at his video series:

      -> Mathematical Concepts for NL Hold'em
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      Work out your outs then times them by 4 for the turn and 2 for the river. ?(

      Its not exact but close enough. :f_mad:

      That has got to be the simplest way, but probably to simple for school? :s_biggrin: