Maths of poker... please help

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      Hi all,

      I am currently doing a short term contract as a Maths teacher and have one particular group of dis-interested year 10's who are about as interested in Maths, or in school as a whole as we are at looking down at 72 off in our hands. It was suggested to me that I might like to find a topic/game that incorporates Maths but they wont necessarily see as being School Maths out of a text book!

      This obviously led me to Poker as it incorporates plenty of Maths and is actually a game they seem vaguely interested in! Today we went through the rules and started looking at the basic %'s in the game and we are talking basic, like 13/52 (25%) of each suit, and 4/52 (7.7%) of each Number etc etc.

      What I was hoping some of you might know is where/if I can find out basic maths calculations for poker that I can use with the students or if anyone has any idea's of easy ways to calculate out's, pot odd's or anything else mathematical to do with Poker.

      P.S. I am not a Maths teacher and whilst I obviously understand most of the Maths behind poker I am finding it hard to explain it/put it at a level they might understand hence asking you for suggestions!

      Many Thanks in advance

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