I was just looking at my winnings on ptr and i realised something really interesting.

Over the last two weeks I've been playing a LOT of 25nl. Had my highs and lows. Been multitabling on 20-22 tables with a random mix of pot limit and no limit holdem..

Today i noticed that ive made over $250 in PL hold em and ive lost over 350$ in NL hold em...both at10c/25c.

Now looking at these stats is both good news and not so good news(its not really bad news.)

The good news is im confident that if i play just 25PL ill make a good amount.(atleast i hope i do)

The not so good news is that I still dono what im doing wrong in NL25. I posted this here coz i was hoping someone knows what i maybe doing wrong.

Sorry for the long post thanks.