Strange play from a live tourney..

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      I was sitting in a 5 table 8-seater MTT at my local club when the following occurred:

      I was sitting in EP3 with $3925 chips (starting stack $4k) with the blinds at level 2 $50/$100 when UTG limps and and EP2 just calls. I look down at AKo and raise to $275, hoping to isolate the EP limpers, which worked as everyone folded around to them and they both call. At this stage I put them on a wide range from middle pairs like 7's to 10's, a couple of face cards or middle to high suited connectors.

      The flop comes 3-4-4 rainbow. UTG checks and EP2 fires out 2/3's the pot. At first I thought this was a plain donkey bet. But I thought for a bit more and remembered I had seen this guy use the semi-bluff on the flop after calling with trash and hitting a draw. I put him on an Ace with a deuce or 5 OR perhaps even 56s. I ruled out the over-pair because surely he would let me take the initiative and come over the top?

      So, I concluded I was ahead at that stage but too likely to be outdrawn to continue with just two overcard's in a multi-way - so in the end I mucked it. I was also little worried about the UTG who is a habitual check-raiser with top pair top kicker and/or overpairs - but to my surprise he just mucked as well. The EP2 shows 52o.

      So my read wasn't too bad but I still felt pretty rotten for folding the best hand at that point. In any event, they ran it and he caught a 6. :P


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