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    • Trbst
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      Hi guys,

      Quick question to those who are familiar with Cam Studio.

      I made a video of myself playing 4 tables, which lasts about 50 minutes. I'd like to now upload that somewhere and have it available for download, but the only problem is the video size - it's an astounding 2 GB !!

      Quality doesn't really justify the size so my question is, do you happen to know what's the best way to make a video that's quite smaller in size, while the quality is "manageable", i.e. you can still read text (stats) and not see 2x2 inch pixels ?

      Thanks in advance.
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    • sk345di
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      download format factory (google is your friend, think its free)
      and convert the vid to a different format that reduces size, like mp4, mkv and similiar
      try different formats and see which one you are satisfied the most with according to size/quality ratio
    • altkiki
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      i used camtasia a while ago and had the same issues, ok so maybe it's not the same software, but all i could do (besides what sk345di sayd about different formats) was to reduce the frames/sec (quality), but the thing that reduced by far the most of the files size was removing the sound, or better sayd recording without sound. unfortunately i don't think it's much you can do to the videos you already recorded!! you can do what i sayd just to the future recordings. i don't know about your software, that was a feature of camtasia ( to reduce or increase frames/sec).

      all in all after doing all that i think i could obtain files below 100 MB!! to a capture that lasted about on hour or more (can't remember wich format).
    • Trbst
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      thanks guys - I'll try both :)

    • Ribbo
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      poker videos don't need to be more than 5 frames a second imo. Here at we use a default of 15 frames a second but thats because we can afford the bandwidth :f_biggrin:

      I'm not sure anyone needs to see you clicking the fold button in high definition however. :f_biggrin: