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$2.6 million for a one-outer - nice hand, sir! [Macau Live Poker]

    • Xantos
      Joined: 07.09.2005 Posts: 10,031
      Macau is the new Vegas!

      Hitting a one-outer on the turn to win $2.6 million (yes, US dollars!)? - That's the stories that poker is made of.

      Hand of the Day:
      Last night all the regular high roller Chinese guys were playing..along with World Champion Chau Giang. (Durr and Phil were taking a nap and getting some rest)

      How it went down:
      Blinds: $10,000, $20,000HKD blinds, $10,000 Ante/person

      There was a straddle of $40,000 HKD.
      Chinese guy: bumps it up to $100,000HKD (with Ace, Jack)
      Chau Giang: raises to $500,000HKD (with Ace, Ace)
      Chinese guy: calls ....(everyone else folds) it's now heads up

      Flop comes out: J, J, 10
      Chau Giang: Checks (two pair, aces and jacks)
      Chinese guy: bets $1.2 million (with trip Jack's, ace kicker)
      Chau Giang: Calls

      Turn: Ace ( WOW, Chau Giang has now made a Full house Aces over Jacks....While Chinese Guy has Full house Jacks over Aces)
      Chau Giang: first to act ....Checks!
      Chinese guy: pushes All IN ...around $9 Million HKD
      Chau Giang: Calls

      River comes a 3:
      Chau Giang takes down the over $20 Million HKD POT!!!!!!!

      Stella Yeh
      Marketing Director
      Poker King Club
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