• polltohh1
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      I think i have a problem, because i got only 0.19 dollars rakeback..
      I have thinking that it cant be possible because i had about 270 FTP-s and i had 40 dollars.
      I played omaha with bets 0.10/0.25.

      Thank you,
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi polltohh1,

      Rakeback is rarely wrong as it is automatically calculated from the rake you generate less deductions.

      Check out the important sticky thread (link below) for details of deductions that may have applied to you (clearing bonus, freerolls, points spent etc) and the days which are included in this weeks payment.

      If your calcuation is still incorrect next week, then it might be worth dropping support a quick note, but I would suggest waiting and checking next week's payment first to be honest. These things tend to correct themselves after any deduction has been made.

      Hope this helps, best regards,

    • polltohh1
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      thanks anyway.
    • Bojan1983
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      this is most likely answer to your problem...

      When is rakeback paid?

      * Rakeback is calculated for your play between Tuesday and Monday and usually paid out a few days later on the following Friday. However it can occasionally be delayed a few days and we would ask that you wait until Tuesday before contacting support for assistance.

      as for 270 ftp, that would be something like 5$ rakeback, so you ll probably get paid next friday...

      hope it helped