Help with understanding bronze HasenBraten articles

    • p0rkus
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      It seems to me that the bronze initiative/no initiative/ op initiative articles are a little...hard to digest properly for me. It feels like a few HasenBraten videos = the articles + alot more, because I feel that those articles are like him taking a few hands from a few sessions and analyzing them. Also the fact that it talks about the flop for a few pages, then turn, and then river feels a little akward. Now maybe I'm being lazy here, but I would like (if you can) you guys to give me some tips for understanding these articles/the value inside them. I just cannot get myself to digest them... hmm - perhaps someone understands my problem?

      For now I think I will watch the videos, I have read all the articles including these for bronze and basic, but I keep feeling that i must extract more value from these specific ones...

      Thanks guys !!!
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