Hi guys!

Here is my 5 cents :-)
I've been a member of PS for quite a while now, have cleared the bonus but was hovering up and down $120. Never could really take enough time for some serious BR building, and have had quite a few 1week+ breaks from poker when I suffered bad beats (better then to go on tilt i suppose). And yesterday this happened:

And now my BR is above $200 for the first time! :D
I played loose from the start and doubled up on some pretty marginal hands (flopped full house with 65o from SB, and such....but I folded **correctly** AA two times when i knew i was beat, so you could say that lady luck evened out), but tightened it up as the tour went on. Afterwards it was just push every coin flip against small stacks, push big stacks with monster hands and so on.....
The last hand (dont have grabem at work..will try to post the hand when i get home) i pushed with K high flush draw against what i thought was a bluff (it turned out he had low pair with A kicker and got trips on the river - typical X( ) and went out as 4th place.

Anyway ... its my first big "win" of a tournament and I would like to thanx all the good people at PS for providing such good strategy guides and support. I definitely upped my game since joining PS..so i hope it will continue and i will be able to climb up the limits.
I am planning to build my BR to around $300 before i move to .05/.10 so we will see how that goes.
(Don't mind playing a few more 1$ buy-in Rebuy tours tho)

Good luck to all of you (I know some of you dont need it :P ) and hope i will have some more good news in the future