Albert Einstein needs our help! 500€ for charity + challenge inside

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      Hello dudes,

      i'm from the german community and there we started an interesting challenge and we would be glad if the english community joined us.

      1. What is it about?

      We'd like to support the gravitation science.
      Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity which claims that "gravitational waves" exist.

      But there is no real evidence that these waves indeed exist. Research is very complex and needs many computational power. Universities don't have enough money and ressources to research at such projects. Therefore, they need free CPUs and this is the idea:
      Your PCs have much free ressources while you work on the internet, watch films, play poker or whatever you do. The most of the programs need <10% of your CPU power, the rest is wasted!

      You can give the unused CPU power to the research!

      If you want to know more about this read Boinc & Einstein@Home at Wikipedia

      2. The Team Pokerstrategy

      If you would like to help us to reach the top of the crunching world, follow these instructions:

      - Install BOINC @your pc (download)
      - After the registration, the programm asks you which project you want to join. Please choose "Einstein@Home"

      - Now you must log in to your Account. Then, look out for "PokerStrategen" in the "Teams"-section.

      - Done.

      Challenge and 500€
      All gifts goes to the charity organisation I plant a Tree to plant trees ;)
      -100 € from kellerlanplayer for Top 75
      - 100€ from Sh0ko for Top25
      - 50€ from eric84888 for Top75
      - 100€ from Paxis for Top25 or 50€ for Top100
      - 50€ from Bozanos for Top50

      (till 31.12.2011, for lifetime credits).

      If you would like to donate to any charity yourself, you're more than welcome to do this. I will add you to the us in the 1st post then. ;)
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