Prop Bet!?!

    • Demetrius879
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      i'm bored and want to do a prop bet. poker related obv.

      any ideas i'm open for anything. against other people or just a profit thing for myself. i'll bet on pretty much anything
      that's what something like this right? [Link removed by Moderator EagleStar88] +bet
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Demetrius879 & welcome to the community, it's good to see you.

      The link you posted isn't working but I've removed it anyway as to be fair to PokerStrategy we would prefer that you don't link to other non-partner poker sites and forums. You can of course use the [quote] function to show the text in your post without linking to another site.

      We also have strict rules regarding staking/private money transfers, but happy to leave your thread open so that other members can give you ideas on what to do. Just please don't start asking for other members to send or stake money as then we would have to close the thread.

      We have a new specific staking board within the forum where you can set up a challenge and seek backers if you like but please cast your eye over the forum rules and staking rules before you do so.

      Alternatively, you could set yourself your own challenge and maybe set up a blog to track progress.

      Hope this doesn't put you off of posting in the forum, we're a friendly bunch and always help each other in terms of poker advice and experiences ;)

      If you have any questions, don't hesitate to shout.

      Best regards,

    • NightFrostaSS
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      Try dying and then resurrect yourself from the dead. I'll lay 3 to 1 since it's already been done by some hippie and if hippie can do it, it can't be harder than 3 to 1.