[NL20-NL50] QQ IP flat 3 bet

    • DeMarcohsp
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      Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.25 BB (6 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com

      SB ($28.46)
      BB ($25.73)
      Hero (UTG) ($25)
      MP ($25.63)
      CO ($25)
      Button ($25.25)

      Preflop: Hero is UTG with Q, Q
      Hero bets $1, 3 folds, SB raises to $3.25, 1 fold, Hero calls $2.25

      Flop: ($6.75) 2, 4, 7 (2 players)
      SB bets $3.50, Hero calls $3.50

      Turn: ($13.75) 5 (2 players)
      SB checks, Hero bets $7.50, 1 fold

      Total pot: $13.75 | Rake: $0.68
      Main pot: $13.75 returned to Hero

      Only 20 hands on villain, been pretty active so far

      Is it ok just flating the 3 bet here and playing for stacks on a flop like this? I'm pretty reluctant 4 betting someone who is 3 betting me as utg raiser OOP :f_confused:
      Or is it better to make it a standard 4 bet without any other reads?
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    • AninIII
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      I'd either 4-bet preflop or as played raise the flop because you would do it with a draw as well.

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    • Kaitz20
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      I would also likely b/c pf, since you opened utg and not sure he is getting all-in pf too many worse hands (expect AK maybe)
      But I´d played very likely stacks on the flop or if I just called then on the turn
      he is not really 3-betting pf 22-77, but he may very easily have TT/JJ or AK that he picked up extra equity on the turn